In this Learning Communities Self-Care Series episode, Ms. Arkitia Pegram-Crawley shares easy to access and important advice on being present and intentional. Listen in for tips and tools that you can begin to use now to build good habits for managing stress, including disappointments. Whether you will be new to NSU this fall or returning for your last year, this content will be informative and helpful.

Ms. Crawley is a Licensed Professional Counselor who supports students as a resource in the NSU Counseling Center. Stay tuned for two follow up episodes in which two of her colleagues help us practice her recommendations.


tips tease

  • Build or practice coping skills now
  • Avoid some stress by planning your schedule in advance
  • Give yourself a break when you don’t achieve the way you planned
  • Take advantage of resources


Mentioned in the Episode
(not an endorsement of resources not provided by NSU)



This episode was hosted and produced by Ms. Angel Eason, with an assist from Dr. Felicia Mebane.

Photo: L to R. Ms. Crawley, Dr. Mebane and Ms. Eason. Screenshot taken by Ms. Eason.