Tune in for a preview of NSU’s inaugural Stith Retention Conference (March 30 – 31, 2022). Inspired and supported by Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith and her husband, Dr. Melvin Stith, this experience will celebrate “Remarkable Resilience: Translating Trials to Triumphs.” Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to learn, connect and be inspired to support student success.


Also, the podcast team is excited to contribute to this conference by broadcasting LIVE at different times on both days. Register and stay tuned!



This episode was produced by Mr. Jordan, with assistance from Dr. Mebane. Hosting is led by Mr. Jordan with participation by Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins. Photo credit: L to R. Dr. Mebane, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Watkins. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane.