Welcome to the start of our summertime episodes! Tune in each week to have some fun while we help you create or enhance great habits you can use when you return to the classroom.

Effective (planning, study, time management, wellness, social, etc.) habits can help you succeed on campus, especially in classes. And, you shouldn’t wait until 5th week or mid-term grades to put them into place. In this episode, we get you started on having a fun AND productive summer.

TIP TEASE: Make a plan for each week to stay organized and focused. (Yes, including the fun parts.)


We want to hear from you!

One of our goals is to directly connect with new and returning NSU students to talk about academic challenges and triumphs and answer questions. To do that, we plan to make a habit of (See what I did there?) being available on our social media accounts every week. 

Each Sunday at 12 pm EST, we will post a new episode, and at 2 pm EST, we will be available on our social media accounts to engage with listeners (and other fans). 

Tune into our social media sites to learn more about tips, tool and takes and upcoming events.

[Photo Credit: L to R, Tresstin White and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Ms.White.]