Emotions, such as what we might feel when we are overwhelmed, typically define who we are and can influence the outcome of different experiences. There are over 27 different kinds of feelings and as complex humans, we are able to experience more than one at a time. Being overwhelmed happens to everyone at some point in time. With the current circumstances students are facing, many are experiencing being overwhelmed and are not sure how to face it.

This episode features Dr. Melody Williams, a current professor in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Norfolk State University. Dr. Mel shares her experience with feeling overwhelmed, how she handles it and advice for students when they are facing  struggles. Tune in for some peace of mind.


tips tease

  • Realize the strength you gain through the struggle
  • Find ways to enjoy the process, including ups and downs
  • Learn as you go to prepare for the future
  • Be intentional about staying focused and engaged with one thing at a time


Mentioned in the Episode

  • Your voice, speak up about your feelings in order to process them
  • Take care of your spirit, soul and body
  • Find some apps for time management¬†
  • Follow accounts on social media related to your career to stay connected

NOTE: Links to resources outside of NSU are not an endorsement.



This episode was hosted by Dr. Mebane and Ms. White and produced by Ms. Tresstin White with an assist from Dr. Mebane.

Photo: L to R. Ms. Tresstin White, Dr. Mel,  Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Ms White.