It’s week five of the fall 2020 academic semester here at Norfolk State University. In previous semester, the Student Success center would host a fifth week grade celebration in the Nursing and General Education building to draw attention to students’ progress. With physical distancing being the new normal, events and programs are different. So, we decided to complement their focus with one of our own.

For this week’s episode, we reached out to students on social media to check in or see how they are doing. The first three students to respond to us were Za’Chary Jackson, Jamie McCullar and Jennifer Wiggins. This week’s episode features them and our tips and tools related to their experience.

To be part of this episode, send us your videos and check ins all week. You can DM us on social media, use nextup.studentsuccess at or use the Contact Us page on the website. We will post a video compilation to the podcast’s YouTube site on Sunday, September 27, 2020. We look forward to hearing from you.



tips tease

  • Make the best of the new normal, which may be different from your original expectations
  • Find ways to enjoy the semester, since it will be unique


  • Once its safe to do so, find places to volunteer to make up for missed, in-person internship or other experiences
  • Find organizations to join virtually

NOTE: Links to resources outside of NSU are not an endorsement.



This episode was hosted by Dr. Mebane and Ms. White and produced by Ms. Tresstin White with an assist from Dr. Mebane.

Photo: L to R. Ms. Jamie McCullar, Ms. Tresstin White,   Dr. Mebane, Mr. Za’Chary Jackson, and Ms. Jennifer Wiggins. Screenshot taken by Ms White.