Welcome to the fourth episode of a special Learning Communities series of Next Up. focused on self-care. This session features insights and advice on Kinesthetic Learning: Blending Spiritual and Physical Wellness.

Dr. Tarin Hampton is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Health, Physical Education & Exercise Science and a community leader on and off campus. She is also our special guest for this episode. Dr. Hampton shares insights on maintaining your true self within the college environment based on her experience as a dancer, educator and spiritual leader. Don’t miss this uplifting episode. 


tips tease

Dancing and other physical activities can help release stress and increase focus.

You can minimize stress by staying true to your values and beliefs and what you know you need to do to earn your degree. Have fun and follow instructions from faculty, staff and student leaders.


Join a group of students who are focused on similar goals, i.e., networking, making good grades, etc.

Find or keep real friends who will listen and support your focus on academics




This episode was hosted and produced by Ms. Angel Eason, with an assist from Dr. Felicia Mebane.

Photo: Ms. Angel Eason and Dr. Tarin Hampton. Screenshot taken by Ms Eason.