Located on the first floor of the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, the Writing Center is an invaluable resource for all NSU students. Whether consultants (or professional tutors) meet with students one-on-one or in groups as part of a class, they support the creation of content on all subjects, including resumes and scholarship applications.

It this episode, we host several of the people who provide writing support services.


Ms. Carrie Brown, Coordinator
Mr. Ahmasi O’Daniel, Consultant
Ms. Keela Boose, Consultant
Ms. Ramal Johnson, Consultant

TIP TEASE: Proofread and read a lot.

[Photo Credit: L to R, Dr. Mebane, Tresstin White, Carrie Brown, Ahmasi O’Daniel, Keela Boose and Ramal Johnson. Screenshots takenĀ  by Dr. Mebane.]

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