If you don’t know about learning communities, start with this episode. Meet coordinators, an engaged student and active faculty participants.

Preview: These communities organize students in small groups with similar interests who live and learn together for the first year. Students are supported inside and outside the classroom with special activities, mentors and more.

Learn more on the NSU website: Learning Communities.


  • Ms. Angel Eason, Learning Communities Program Coordinator
  • Ms. Kiara Edge, undergraduate student
  • Dr. Eriksen, professor and LC faculty liaison
  • Dr. Burwell, faculty coordinator for an LC

TIP TEASE: If you are an incoming NSU freshman, join a Learning Community! 

[Photo Credit: Top to Bottom, Dr. Mebane, Tresstin White, Angel Eason, Kiara Edge, Dr. Eriksen and Dr. Burwell. Screenshots taken by Dr. Mebane.]

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